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Montessori Toddler Silicone Mealtime Placemat, LARGE - Non-Slip, Easy-to-Clean, Dining Mat for Setting the Table, Eco-Friendly - Grey

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Materials: Silicone

Your order means the world to us.! We want to offer you the best experience when buying from us. If you need any assistance or have any feedback we are always ready to help.

If you would like to wholesale or bulk buy please send me a message. Thank you.

These mats were carefully crafted to help nurture independence at home with your child. They are also eco-friendly, durable, and supplied in plastic-free packaging.

Colours available in our shop: Grey, Teal, Lilac, Green


🥄 SUPPORT INDEPENDENCE Allow your child to develop practical life skills through setting the table themselves! They absolutely love being involved and this non-slip mat will allow them the opportunity and tactile joy of setting their place for mealtime with the family

🥄 EASY-TO-CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE TABLE MAT - The last thing parents need is another chore on their list. The Montessori silicone mat allows you to wash stains off with soap, wipe it off with a cloth, or toss it in the dishwasher. Easier clean-ups means more time for you!

🥄 MONTESSORI PRACTICAL LIFE - PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT – There is so much learning happening during mealtimes and using a placemat is just one opportunity! It allows your infant, toddler or preschooler to practise hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and handling crockery!

🥄 ECO-FRIENDLY - DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY - This Montessori mealtime placemat gives your little one plenty of room to eat. It also stops their plates and bowls from sliding, whilst being highly durable use after use compared to its cloth alternatives.

🥄 FOOD & BABY SAFE MATERIAL - This Montessori baby placemat is made with safety as our top priority. It’s chemical-free, naturally clean, and made of 100% food-grade non-plastic silicone. Going one step up and beyond it is LFBG Approved Silicone – the highest quality you can get

🥄 THE UTENSILS ARE PLACED USING THE CORRECT DINING ETIQUETTE: Before becoming a full-time mum, I worked for 15 years in 5-star hotels and organised high profile events, including royalty. You can rest assured that the design has followed the correct cutlery placement.

We believe that providing your child with the right tools as they grow is one of the best ways to develop their independence. This dining mat is spacious enough to ensure your child is eating comfortably, further encouraging them to experiment and learn. The material is anti-slip, so it stays in place to help support their developing little hands. Plus, it doesn’t stain – helping you clean the mat effortlessly with just a few wipes.

Our placemat is one of the tools the Montessori Method recommends. It means you can effectively guide your child with this self-directed activity and hands-on learning when it comes to eating! This mat is also designed with clean and calming colours combined with visual cues to help your child focus on the placement of utensils in their places, aiding their success.

Your family's health comes first. As parents ourselves, we understand that. Kids House ensures that each Montessori placemat is chemical-free and made with 100% LFBG approved food-grade silicone.

Here are more reasons to love this placemat:

✅ 100% Plastic-free packaging

✅ High - Quality LFGB approved food-grade silicone

✅ Comfortable Size: 40x30x0.1cm

✅ Lightweight and easy to store

✅ UK family business who put all our love into each product

Let your child experience the joy of eating their favourite meals. Add the Kids House Montessori Mealtime Placemat to your basket TODAY!