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The Complete Laminated Study Templates for Nursing School

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Comes with 33 laminated templates, worksheets & quizzes (front & back)

One of the most powerful tools you can do as a nursing student is to test your knowledge. In nursing school, my wife would just write out all different things without looking at my notes. Repetition is a powerful study tool. That's why we made these templates. Whether it's testing your knowledge on a disease or medication, stepping away from your textbook is a must. As you probably already know, there are a million things to know in nursing school. You can't expect to read your textbook and know the information, you must write it down, say it out loud, and do that 20 times. Happy studying future nurses! :)

♡ Comes with 33 full-color laminated sheets (front & back)
♡ Hourly study schedule notepad (100 sheets)
♡ 3 Whiteboard markers (fine point)

- MedSurg Template
- Pharmacology Template
- Head-To-Toe Assessment Template
- Pharmacology Suffixes & Prefixes Quiz
- Pharmacology Antidotes & Therapeutic Levels Quiz
- IV Fluids: Basics Worksheet
- IV Fluids: (Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic) Worksheet
- Lab Values Quiz
- Dosage Calculation: Abbreviations Quiz
- Dosage Calculation: Conversions Worksheet
- Dosage Calculation: Formula Method Template
- Dosage Calculation: Dimensional Analysis Template
- ABGs: Basics Worksheet
- ABGs: Tic Tac Toe Method Template
- ABGs: ROME Method Template
- ABGs: Respiratory Acidosis vs. Respiratory Alkalosis
- ABGs: Metabolic Acidosis vs. Metabolic Alkalosis
- Blood Flow Through The Heart Quiz
- 6 Steps to Interpreting EKGs Worksheet
- Rapid EKG Quiz
- Peripheral Vascular Disease Worksheet
- Cranial Nerve Quiz (Mnemonics)
- Cranial Nerve Worksheet
- Insulin Worksheet
- Diabetes Worksheet
- Types of Shock Worksheet
- Potassium Imbalance Worksheet
- Calcium Imbalance Worksheet
- Magnesium Imbalance Worksheet
- Sodium Imbalance Worksheet
- Concept Map Templates
- Brain Dump: Blank page